Finding Your Roots in the Loup Basin



Grundlovfest Dannebrog
Evelyn Sharp Days & Evelyn Sharp Airfield, Ord, NE Jail Ord
Happy Jack Chalk Mine & Historic Chalk Building in Scotia Scotia
Fort Hartsuff State Historical Park 1870’s Infantry Post built during the height of the Indian wars Arcadia
Battle of Pebble Creek Marker 2 mi e. Burwell Hwy 91
Check Out some of these other Historical locations in the Loup Basin.

  • Victorian Tea
  • Jones Canyon and first homestead in Garfield County
  • Sod House in Anselmo
  • Dowse Sod House in Comstock
  • Windmill Display at 2nd Wind Ranch
  • Loup County Historical Museum
  • Historic Headquarters House
  • Bartlett home of Doc Middleton
  • Wheeler County Museum
  • Caboose Museum in Spalding
  • Seven Valley’s Museum
  • Custer County Historical Museum
  • Pitzer Quarterhorse Ranch (home of Two-Eyed Jack)
  • Spalding Dam and Hydro Plant, a 70 year old fully operational hydro plant / last of its kind
  • Museum of Baseball Greats
  • Howard County Historical Village in St. Paul
  • Farwell Museum
  • Historical Church Buildings in several communities, and more.