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Last Thursday was a huge success! There were over 20 attendants, and there was even a Peasants Forever representative there along with the speakers. Dr. Marion Ellis spoke well with his presentation, and he even gave us some great examples of bugs that mimic bees. He also gave us a great resource to help identify a bee that is available on the Internet. Also, he brought along some delicious honey products, of which he allowed some people to take home with them. Special thanks to Kathie and Wyatt from the CFRA for speaking that day. Even more special thanks to Caleb from the Valley County Economic Development office for showing up and speaking as well. The garden at the fort was beautiful, and all the plants were labeled as well.

Also, I would like to thank those who took their time to come out that day, it was good to see all those people there.



Planning on attending the Pollinator week event at Fort Hartsuff tomorrow.  Dr. Ellis from UNL will be speaking there, and I can’t wait to see the turnout.

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